Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Biggest Fan to Date

We have noticed over the last year that people react quite differently around WALL-E than they do with R2-D2. Women especially have had very emotional reactions to WALL-E, and many have been brought to tears. Below is an example...cosplayer Angi Viper (angiviper.blogspot.com) had one of the more extreme cases of the giggles/tears we have ever seen. This is why we do conventions in the first place.

Wondercon Anaheim was Awesome!

We had a wonderful weekend meeting old friends and making many new ones...the adventures just keep coming! Here are a few pics from the event.

  Hanging with the R2 Builders Group
 Victor Franco, Don Post (Don Post Studios) & Michael McMaster

 Prop from the new movie "Oblivion"

 Artist Tom Hodges

 Michael Senna gave my robot two thumbs up!

 Another Pixar character...Buzz Lightyear.
 Another robot? Awesomo!
 Not the droid they were looking for.

 Grant Imahara dropped by to say hello.

Actor/comedian Chris Hardwick