Monday, June 22, 2015

R2 Blue

I have been working on R2-D2 once again, and the paint color has become my new project. Over the last few months I have tried over a half dozen different colors. While on Facebook, I noticed several R2 builders post a rattle can paint they said was a perfect match for what we call "R2 Blue".

I was skeptical that a single color would do the trick, as the paint appears to have shades of blue and purple when viewed at different angles and in various light. Needless to say, I ran to my local auto parts dealer and found a can. To my surprise, it was a perfect match!

Several cans later, I have all the parts repainted in the new blue (Dupli-Color Sonic Blue Pearl), and absolutely love it.

One problem solved!

Stratolaunch Systems tour.

We joined up with retired Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr, and gave an hour long presentation to the the engineers at Stratolaunch Systems in Mojave, CA. They are currently building the worlds largest aircraft, which will carry rocket payloads to high altitude, then release the rocket which will they fly into space. The wingspan is over 385 feet! Amazing day.