Work began in April of this year on five new droids. Two were for myself, two are being built by Michael Johnson, another longtime droid builder and friend, and the fifth droid goes to another builder who has donated a few droid parts to a local charity that we support in Los Angeles.

 Paint samples of the new R2 Blue. The process uses an automotive candy paint, that was discovered by a pair of R2 builders in the Midwest.
 Completed frame rings made from Birch plywood. Lightweight but very strong.
 Using a leg router template to finish a section of the leg.
 First complete frame.
 Routed legs awaiting assembly.

This was the robot that started the whole thing. I was looking for information online to build my own R2 unit, and discovered the R2 Builders Club on Yahoo in 2002. I completed this droid in 2004, and my next project after WALL-E will be a second R2-D2, with many more features and an R4-P17.


  1. Mr.McMaster? Hello, my name is Steve and I have come into possesion of a R2D2 from Hasbro it's a Talking walking Voice command type like the one you have in your workshop at the Orange grove I saw in your Wall-E YT Video I saw recently. I have some problems with it responding and wanted to seek some advice from someone who's dealt with these type of problems. From what limited knowledge I do have it could be a solder point issue where the connections just really need to be cleaned up and redone. But is there anything else I can do or parts I may need to replace to get my new friend up and responding properly when called?

  2. It is hard to say. The robots were always a little touchy and would do strange things on their own. Fresh batteries and speaking clearly does help a little. Not sure about the solder joint issue, as this is the first I have heard of it. Good luck, and let me know if you find a solution!

  3. Amazing work! 👏👨 have you ever commissioned work out?

  4. Please please and please. I really would love to build my R2 also. Im a retired NYC firefighter and NOW I have the time to do it. Please how can I get the right measurements of the senna wood frame skeleton, all of the 22 I believe parts? From length, width. etc. Please you are my only hope!! Much appreciated. Ish.

  5. Join Astromech.net. There is a lot of info and blueprints there.

  6. Crazy, i'm trying to mount mi own R2D2 with fascicles (that ones but it's not the same. You did it by your own! Great job!