Monday, June 22, 2015

R2 Blue

I have been working on R2-D2 once again, and the paint color has become my new project. Over the last few months I have tried over a half dozen different colors. While on Facebook, I noticed several R2 builders post a rattle can paint they said was a perfect match for what we call "R2 Blue".

I was skeptical that a single color would do the trick, as the paint appears to have shades of blue and purple when viewed at different angles and in various light. Needless to say, I ran to my local auto parts dealer and found a can. To my surprise, it was a perfect match!

Several cans later, I have all the parts repainted in the new blue (Dupli-Color Sonic Blue Pearl), and absolutely love it.

One problem solved!


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  4. I tried looking up this color but I couldn’t find anything, do you have a paint color number for this blue?

  5. Amanda, the color is Sonic Blue Pearl form Duplicolor. You can find it at any automotive supply store.

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